Our Menu

Category Item Name Price
Soups & Salads Tomato Soup(A sumptuous Soup made with Fresh Tomatoes and a touch of Indian Herbs and Spices) 3.50
Garden Fresh Salad(Indian style tossed Fresh garden Vegetables and greens served with Hopuse Dressing) 4.95
Chicken Tikka Salad(Freshly baked Chicken marinated with Indian herbs and spices layered on a bed of vegetables) 6.95
Vegetable Apetizers Pakora(Onion or Mixed Vegetables) 5.95 
Vegetable Samosa (crisp flaky pastry filled with potatoes,green peas,herbs and spices) 4.95
Idly (steam cooked rice cakes) 5.95
Medhu Wada (deep fried lentil donuts with medium spices) 6.95
Dosa (addl $2 for Onion,Masala,Mysore Masala) Thin Rice and Lentil Crepe 6.95
Uttappam (Indian Style Pizza Stuffed with vegetables) 8.95
Puri (Deep Fried Light Puffed Whole Wheat bread served with potato curry) 8.95
Tandoor & Non Vegetarian Appetizers Chicken Tikka Kabob(Chicken, Lamb ,Fish, Shrimp) Marinated in fresh exotic herbs,spices and yogurt and cooked on skewers in oven) 13.95
Spicy chicken 65(Chicken, Fish, Shrimp) Boneless Pieces Chicken marinated with fresh ground spices, deep fried and sauteed with onions, Garlic and seasonings.) 13.95
Whole Chicken (Whole Chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices and cooked on slow heat .) 19.95
Indo Chinese Specialities

Manchuria (Gobi, Paneer, Chicken) Battered and cooked with Manchurian sauce in Indo Chinese Style.) 13.95
Chilli (vegetables or Paneer or Chicken) Sauteed with Green and Red Hot Chilli sauces in Indo Chinese Style 13.95
Veg Chowmin /Veg Hakka Noodles (Rice Noodles mixed with Indo Chinese spices 11.95
Chinese Fried Rice (addl $2 for Paneer, Egg, Chicken) Rice cooked with Pieces of breast chicken and sauces in Indo Chinese Style 10.95
Bread Basket & Rice Bowls

Biryaani (addl $2 for Paneer, Egg, Chicken, $5 for Lamb or Fish or Shrimp) 10.95

Tadaka Dal (Yello Lentils cooked with chopped onions and tomatoes and flavored with Garlic and Cumin) 9.95
Daal Makhani ( A classic lentil delicacy tossed with ginger,garlic,tomatoes,onions,herbs and spices.) 10.95
Navratan Korma (vegetables mixed with Indian cheese simmered in rich creamy sauce of herbs and spices.) 11.95
Malai Kofta (Homemade cheese and vegetable dumplings with nuts and herbs cooked in chef’s special sauce.) 12.95
Veg Shahi Korma ( addl $2 for paneer or Chicken; $5 for Lamb, Fish and shrimp) simmered in rich creamy sauce with nuts. 10.95
Veg Jalfarezi ( addl$2 for paneer or Chicken; $5 for Lamb, Fish and shrimp) colorful vegetables stir-fried and tossed in thick sauce of Indian herbs and spices 10.95
Tikka Masala(Paneer or Chicken)Scrumptious homemade Indian cheese cubes cooked in a tomato, fenugreek and onion gravy and finished with rich creamy sauce 12.95
Palak Paneer (Homemade Indian Cheese cubes cooked in fresh minced spinach based sauce blended with herbs and spices) 12.95
Mutter Paneer(Homemade Indian Cheese cubes cooked with green peas in a delicately spiced cream sauce) 12.95
Hyderabadi Special Bhagara Baigan(Roasted Eggplant simmered in onion, ginger, garlic and Hyderabadi spices to perfection) 12.95
Aloo Gobi(Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with Indian seasonings) 10.95
Chana Masala(Chickpeas and tomatoes cooked in traditional spices) 10.95
Bhindi Masala(Okra cooked with onions and tomatoes and seasoned with nuts, herbs and spices) 10.95
Special Vegetable Fry(Your choice of vegetable – Indian Green Beans, green banana, eggplant, Tindora, Sorakaayi, Beerakaayi – cooked and seasoned with nuts, lentils, herbs and spices) 12.95
Chicken Curry(Lamb, Fish, Shrimp)(Pieces cooked in homemade style curry with traditional herbs and spices
(Addl 3.00 for Lamb, Shrimp and Fish)
Chicken 65(Boneless pieces chicken marinated with fresh ground spices, deep fried, and sautéed with Onions, Garlic and seasonings) 12.95
Chicken Makhni(Boneless marinated grilled chicken cooked in a mild cream sauce with tomatoes and onions) 12.95
Spicy Chicken Kadai( Lamb,Fish and Shrimp)(Boneless Chicken cubes mixed with fresh cut vegetables in a thick sauce with herbs and spices
(Addl 3.00 for Lamb, Shrimp and Fish))
Vindaloo(Boneless chicken cooked in a tangy sauce with potatoes and pearl onions
(Addl 2.00 for Lamb, Shrimp and Fish))
Aroma Special Butter Chicken(This delectable north Indian dish is simmered in butter and tomato sauce and accented with subtle seasoning prepared by the chef) 13.95
Bread Baskets & Rice Bowls

Naan(Freshly baked White flour bread in Tandoor clay oven
(Addl .50 for others except Plain)
Onion Kulcha(Freshly baked White flour bread in Tandoor clay oven stuffed with Onions, cilantro and mild spices) 2.95
Paratha(Plain, Stuffed)(A multi layered whole wheat bread baked in Tandoor Clay oven
(Addl 1.00 for others except Plain))
Chapathi(A multi layered whole wheat bread handmade and cooked on tawa) 2.50
Roti(A whole wheat bread handmade and cooked in tandoor) 2.50
Assorted Bread Basket(Your choice of any three different breads) 7.95
Dhum Biryani(Vegetable,Chicken,Lamb,Goat)(Basmati Rice cooked with fresh vegetables and herbs and spices(Addl 2.00 for Chicken and 5.00 for Lamb and Goat)) 10.95